Pocketalk W

  • 82 languages
  • Fácil de usar

Start a world of conversation. This robust, portable instant voice translator device comes with global unlimited cellular data for 2 years with no monthly fees. Just start it up and you’ll be ready to communicate freely in over 130 countries!


  • 82 languages
  • Fácil de usar
  • Pequeño y compacto
  • Ideal for travel, business conversations or whenever you need to communicate
  • Frequent software updates so it always gets better.
Procesador ARM Cortex 53 Quad-Core 1.3GHz
Sistema operativo SO personalizado (basado en Android OS 8.1)
Pantalla de visualización Panel táctil / 320x240 pixeles
Batería Batería recargable de iones de litio (2200 mAh)
Altavoz Dos altavoces incorporados (1.5 vatios)
Microfono Micrófonos duales con supresión de ruido
Datos móviles 3G (W-CDMA) / 4G (FDD-LTE)
Ranura para tarjeta SIM nano-SIM
SIM integrada Sólo disponible en modelos "eSIM" (plan de datos)
Bandas de Frecuencia W-CDMA:BAND1/2/5/6/19, FDD-LTE:BAND1/2/8/19/28b
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.0
Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/n/g, 2.4GHz/5GHz
Temperatura de funcionamiento 0°C hasta 45°C
en Espera de la Temperatura -20 ° C hasta 60 ° C
Carga de la batería USB tipo C
Tension de Carga (dispositivo) hasta 5V
de Carga de la Corriente Electrica (dispositivo)de 0.5A~2.4A
Cargo de Tension (cable) hasta 5V
de Carga de la Corriente Electrica (cable) 0.5A~2.0A
Vida de la Bateria (en Espera) *1 aprox. 240 horas (4G LTE areas)
Vida de la Bateria *2 aprox. 7 horas
de Tiempo de Hasta con carga completa (promedio) *3 aprox. 135 minutos
Peso aprox. 3.5 onzas
Dimensiones aprox. 4.3 × 2.4 × 0,6 cm
Orificio para la Correa Disponible (correa no incluida)
Contenidos del paquete Dispositivo POCKETALK, manual del usuario, cable de carga USB tipo C (tipo C a tipo A)

How does Pocketalk work?

Pocketalk is a two-way translation device. With a large touchscreen, noise-cancelling microphones and a powerful speaker, Pocketalk is able to create connections across 74 different languages. By utilizing the best translation engines from around the world, Pocketalk provides a consistently accurate experience by even picking up localized dialects and slang.

¿Cómo puedo utilizar Pocketalk?

Pocketalk is very easy to use once you have the hang of it. On the Home screen, just choose your two languages (tap on language name to get a list of other languages to choose from). Once your two languages are chosen, then just use the two “talk buttons” or physical buttons just below. One person uses the button under their language and the other person uses the button under their language.
To operate, press and hold the button the entire time you are speaking. When finished, let go of the button and Pocketalk will provide the translation. Be sure to initially wait for the Pocketalk beep sound before speaking.

How Do I Access The 74 Languages?

All 74 languages are on the device once connected to the internet! One device. 74 languages. Bi-directional conversations. There is no need to download individual language files at all.

¿Pocketalk puede traducir frases largas?

Pocketalk está diseñado para conversaciones. Habla como lo haces normalmente, en frases completas, no en declaraciones. Pocketalk puede manejar hasta 30 segundos de conversación por traducción.

¿Puedo usar Pocketalk sin conexión?

No. An internet connection is required using WiFi, mobile data, or a personal hotspot. That’s because Pocketalk relies on robust language engines and cutting-edge cloud technologies to carry out its highly accurate translations.

¿Puedo ver mis traducciones anteriores?

Yes, Pocketalk can store up to 10,000 translations. Simply scroll up and down the timeline to view past translations, and tap on the translations to have them read out again.

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